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My Apps

The My Apps panel is the starting point for connecting with any built-in or third-party integration.
In this lesson, we'll learn how to add a new native app in the My Apps panel of the Wized Configurator. We'll learn 2 things:

What does the My Apps panel do?

If you want to pass data between your project and any other app or service, you first need to add an app to the My apps.

How to connect Wized to any app?

1. Click on My Apps

Step 2 screenshot

2. Click on the Add new app button

Step 3 screenshot

3. Type in your app's name. In this case "Airtable"

4. In the dropdown, select your integration, or if your the app is not listed here, select REST API

Step 5 screenshot

5. Add your API key here "YOUR API KEY OR TOKEN"

Step 4 screenshot

6. Click on the Close Button

Step 7 screenshot
That's it! Once your app is added, you can start using it inside of the Data In, and Data Out panels, to build requests.