A sheet full of Wized formulas to give you an overview about common use cases

Sort array

Filter a list of data. TIP: If you want to sort a loaded array, make sure to save it to a variable after sorting. This makes sure you can use the sorted version of the array everywhere without needing to include this sort function everywhere. Example: Sorted by name
{{r.4.d.sort((b,a)=>> ? 1 : -1)}}

If condition: Example 1

Example: Is true when request is running or has executed successfully
{{r.7.$.isRequesting || r.7.$.hasRequested && r.7.$.statusCode == 2}}

If condition: Example 2

Example: Returns name if name is present, otherwise returns “No name defined”
{{ ? : “No name defined”}}

Invert boolean

Often used inside of if conditions.

Format timestamp by locale

Example: Returns the date & time
const options = { weekday: 'long', year: 'numeric', month: 'long', day: 'numeric', hour: "numeric" };
new Date(r.7.d.created_at).toLocaleDateString('en-US', options) + " " + new Date(r.7.d.created_at).toLocaleTimeString('en-US')

Get timestamp

Example: Get the current timestamps in seconds (UNIX)
{{Math.floor( / 1000)}}

Convert number to string

The value type string is used for text.

Convert any value to Boolean

The value type boolean means true or false. Example: Will return "true", because the string is not empty.
{{Boolean("this is a test")}}

Add value to array

Used for example to add an id to an array of other id's. (Add item to list of liked items) Example: To get the new list, you need to return the list after adding the item. => "r.1.d;"

Find item in array

Example: Find an item in an array and return it.
{{r.5.d.items.find( i => === "Peter" )}}

Remove item from array

Used for example to remove an id from an array of other id's. (Remove item from liked items) Example: Find index of item you want to remove, remove item from array, then return edited array;
const index = r.5.d.items.findIndex( i => === "Peter" );
r.5.d.splice(index, 1);

Trigger events on elements

This can be useful in actions & after request actions if for example you want to trigger the execution of a Webflow interaction. Example: Select element with id 'test' and trigger manual click event

Select and manipulate an element on your page

Example: Editing first found element with class ‘’white-text’
{{document.querySelector('.white-text').innerHTML = "Hello!}}